Review Marie Le Lievre The artworks highlight chaos, yet at the same time provide relief.


As a veteran at Bartley + Company Art, Marie Le Lievre enters her sixth exhibition with the gallery this month. Her latest works have been described as her most explicitly psychological but still offer inward contemplation. Marie made her mark in the industry with sensuous and intellectual pieces; the artworks highlight chaos, yet at the same time provide relief.

Marie's background in criminology and teaching is visible in the way she manages to communicate strong ideas of human existence. Her works border abstract and figurative, leaving much open for interpretation. The paintings are often made of layers of oil paints, each representing labourious layers in history and politics of painting. This most recent exhibition will include Marie's exploration into drawing and the use of mixed-media. 

HOME Magazine has recently picked Marie as one of their top five artists to watch as well as her work currently featured on the covers of Art New Zealand and Takahe magazines.


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