'Marie Le Lievre. Lure'. The Press, (D4 Arts) Christchurch,
Chris Moore. June 4, 2010

Marie Le Lievre's abstract form, included in her current exhibition at Christchurch's Brooke Gifford Gallery, glows like some lusciously ripe persimmon against its pale neutral background. The sensuous shape and colour is anchored by a delicate flowering of lilac paint and an austere dark base. The only colour is two small dabs of azure blue peeking shyly over the left hand rim.

Paint is obviously a fuel, a delight and an inspiration for the Christchurch artist. Her abstracts are filled with colour and texture as she creates forms which are, in their own way, as beautiful as a Cezanne apple. These are literate paintings that speak directly to the viewer in a conversation which opens up new ideas, interpretations and visual pleasures.